About Katy


Hi there! I’m Katy! I was born on February 19, 1988 in Fairfax, Virginia. I grew up in Ashburn, Virginia and I have been living in Mooresville, North Carolina (AKA Race City USA—big into NASCAR) for the last thirteen years. I have a twin brother, Andrew. He likes to call me his “older sister” even though I’m only a minute older—he knows it irks me to be called old. My mom is wonderful. She raised us as a single mom—which was hard work but she did it beautifully. Because of her, I am the person that I am today!


Currently, I am the proud mom to one dog (Turbo) and three cats (Jake, Jasper & Old Humphrey aka Grumpy Humpy when he’s grumpy). I work hard so I can give my fur babies a great life!


My Cat Lady Starter Kit

As a kid, my heart was set on becoming the Pink Power Ranger when I grew up. (It was either that, a farmer or a veterinarian.) I’m happy to report that I’ve kind of become all three. At least, my niece thinks I’m a super hero! She literally thinks I can do no wrong and everything I do, she thinks it is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!! And I’ve got three cats and a dog. That might make me lean more towards being the Neighborhood Cat Lady than a legit farmer, but hey, I can plant a little vegetable garden to balance it out and make me more farmeresque. To be honest, even though I can’t stand the sight of blood, my dog had fleas once and I gave him a bath in medicated shampoo (as well as regular baths whenever he needs one) so I’m just going to go ahead and call myself a vet too!

Growing up I played basketball and softball, was involved in the Drama Club as well as the chorus, and was a member of The Girl Scout’s and 4-H Club, in which I showed my sheep—Zoe Sassy Miss Congeniality Jamison—at the county fair.


I studied at community colleges and worked different jobs in retail, restaurants, a pet hotel, and at a princess tea party-themed store for birthday parties. For nine years I’ve worked as a nanny as well as had a pet sitting business, Spoiled Doggone Rotten. And currently, I’m a flight attendant at a regional airline. Pack your suitcase, grab your passport and come fly the friendly skies with me!


I love writing for kids—I consider myself to be a big kid at heart. I also enjoy reading the middle grade and young adult genres. I think it’s a cool age; growing up, discovering the world and who you are and who you want to be. They have a great imagination, and tend to believe the best in people, the best in the world, and that anything can happen. So it’s pretty magical!

When I’m not working or writing, I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and family, painting, making bracelets, and hopefully I’ll become a pro with my sewing machine! I want to learn how to make clothes. So far, I’m excelling in the picking out fabric department (and I can sew on buttons!), but now I have to learn how to actually do the stitching to turn the fabric into actual clothes…or we’re going to have The Emperor’s New Clothes scenario going on!

I love being an Aunt to my niece, Ella Rose. She’s my baby from another lady—my mini me! My Princess! My bestie! Favorite shopping partner extraordinaire!

Ella & I

She loves the movie Ghostbusters, so I’d love to take her around exploring different haunted houses—but at the tender age of 5, she’s probably too young. I guess I’ll have to wait a few years, or get someone else to go with me! I’ve got flight benefits! Who wants to go around checking out haunted houses with me so I can write a cool story for my niece that she hopefully loves as much as she loves Ghostbusters?! Grab your flashlight, video camera, and vacuum cleaner—we’ve got haunted houses to visit and ghosts to collect!